Special Raffle 2021

           Updated Soon for 2022

Our Special Raffle

Each year we are very fortunate to have donations of equipment for the special raffle in the form of great HF radios and other items.  These items are raffled to registered W4DXCC convention attendees for the express purpose to raise money for DX organizations around the world.  We are a conduit to funnel every penny received on to a valid DX organization to sponsor DXpeditions and other DX efforts to activate a new country or hard to reach DX location.  This results in you working that new country for your awards.  We ask that you support these manufacturers who supply equipment by buying their equipment. Click the radios below and look at all the cool equipment!


Each item will be raffled, by item, at the end of the evening Banquet.  So come on, get some tickets and support the DX effort world wide! 


This amazing portable All Mode

radio goes anywhere you Go!

$1500 Gift Certificate

This Elecraft gift certificate gives you

$1500 of store credit towards anything

Elecraft makes.


This mobile All Mode radio goes anywhere you Go!

 Winner is  Dave KE4EA

 Winner is  Lance  N2OZ

 Winner is  Larry N8QNM?