VE License Testing and QSL Card Checking

VE Testing

We can all remember when we first received our amateur radio license.  We had the fire down below and we were finally able to communicate with the world.   Lets pass this feeling along to the young and already licensed ham by getting them to get their license and encouraging your licensed ham friends to upgrade.


Our team VE team sets up a special room next to the pool in the hotel so that new and upgrading hams can come and take the tests.  It is held over the lunch break as to not overlap the presentations.  I ask you to encourage others to get their licenses and to upgrade.  VE testing is open to everyone.  A convention ticket is not required to take the license tests.  The testing room is in a hotel small conference room and will be marked in the lobby. 


Testing - Saturday

September 24th at 1PM Small Conference Room


Bring $10 and a Photo ID and if your upgrading a copy of your license.


There are many study guides available.  A popular study guide is a the W5YI Gordon West series of materials.  These are available from stores like Gigaparts, Ham Radio Outlet ETC.


Encourage your friends and family to study and come take the VE test.  A special prize is awarded to those who pass the test either as a new licensee or upgrade.  So its beneficial to upgrade at the W4DXCC convention.


QSL Card Checking

What better time to get your hard earned DXCC QSL cards checked than at a DX Convention.  We have 3 QSL card checkers standing by to check your cards.  Use this Link and visit the ARRL.ORG site and process your QSL card information.  

DXCC Online




Bring the printed documents and your QSL cards sorted in order and drop them off with the checkers Saturday.  You can pick them up between presentations later Saturday.


Sometimes the checkers have questions, so stop by and "Check" on the checkers to see if they have questions for you.