Wow, we had a great weekend at the W4DXCC convention and attendance was up 15%!  It was especially nice to see all of the folks who returned again this year.  Probably 20% of the attendees this year were first timers.  It appeared from where I stood that everyone had a good time.

All of the vendors came and showed or demonstrated equipment this year.  I heard from many of the attendees who spoke with the vendors that this helped them make up their minds on what equipment they will buy next.    This “One on One” time is very helpful in making a big purchase.

Icom sponsored everyone’s lunch this year making it possible for the attendees to stay on site so they could catch all the presentations.  Thank You Ray Novak!


This year we were very fortunate to have a large number of prizes donated by many vendors, this allowed us to have a bunch of prizes per break and some very nice grand prizes chosen after the evening Banquet.


All in All we had a wonderful time.  Check out the pictures from this year and see for yourself.  If you were unable to make it this year, try your best to make next year’s W4DXCC convention.  Bookmark this web page and follow the progress as we head towards W4DXCC 11, September 25-26, 2015.

See you at the convention in 2015, 

Dave Anderson, K4SV

-W4DXCC Convention Pictures-

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